Friday, October 21, 2011


My Broken Okla(home)

Broken People, Broken Families, Broken Vows, Broken Lives,
     Broken Spirit... Broken Arrow.

Syllabary, whispers,
Buckskin, Beads,
Bar-B-Que, Root Beer,
Red Dirt, Buffalo Chips,
Darkening Skies, Refinery Stench,
Drums, Smoke, Rattles ,
Heat, Beige, Dry,
Mounds, Cicada Screams,
Cactus and Clover.

no longer (I long) for me

(my) Broken People, Broken Families, Broken Vows, Broken Lives,
     Broken Spirit... Broken (yes)Arrow.

for you
from you
(I am) gone.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

caregiver smoke

Purple sky?

Squinky eye
Kobo, Nook, Kindle
Paper and ink
  Cannot see
Put up a stink!

Heavy Air Moving 
in the window
Servers watch
A Storm Approaches.

Brightest lights
The bigger the print
Easier the excuse.

Breathing to Gasping-

Dementia has stolen the words.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

on haiku

When I was first starting to use twitter I was looking for some way to write daily and in few characters.  I sometimes love the boundaries of "forms".  I started writing daily haiku for breakfast.  Most are drivel. Sometimes they surprised me. These are some of my favorites.

Companion Animals

My fuzzy black cat,
with eyes that glow rich amber,
hides invisible.

Purrfection is Feline.What?
You didn't know? 

Pugilistic bark,
morning is here silly human!
Sometimes I like cats.


Pinking sky at dawn,
Autumn hovers over there,
beyond baked summer.

Record Rains and Droughts,
Tornadoes, Hurricanes too-
Earth is kinda mad.

Rain pummels this home,
Nature's heavy breath whispers,
storm still hours away.

Sometimes there are tears,
and then there are smiles again,
emotions just are.

Open up my heart,
hear this persistent soul song,
it will not lie down.

This morning dawns bright,
echoes of past mornings howl,
today is not then.

Choices surround me
work, play, sing, dance, dream, learn, live
freedom embraces!

When words erupt

When words erupt

There are times,
some urgent, often really,
when the thoughts and visions of life
explode, cascading words and images,
in a chaotic perhaps.
Those are the times, emergent
insistent, when
Creativity is the captain,
no navigator, just expectant longing.
Stuck, stagnant and festering
Absolute, no return,
release of babble and blargh
to Creativity's whim.
Holy Times of Unintentional Art.
What Joyous moments to follow?